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Weekly Vibrational Healings

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    Healings will occur automatically every Tuesday
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Past vibrational healings

July Joy Sessions 2022

1ST Week Joy Healing: 

JOY Definition: 1. a. The emotion evoked by wellbeing, success, or good fortune or by the prospect of possessing what one desires (DELIGHT). b. The expression or exhibition of such emotion (GAIETY). 2. A state of happiness or felicity (BLISS). 3. A source or cause of delight. 4. To experience great pleasure or delight (REJOICE/GLADDEN/ENJOY).

The first energy healing will focus on removing any stuck energy inside your body that doesn’t allow you to feel joy. As life progresses, you may have had experiences that make you believe that you aren’t worthy of joy- it may stem from feelings of guilt, shame, fear, or disappointment. You may have heard the expressions that “life is hard” or to “be more serious” and allowed that to shape how you experience life. You may have had painful experiences that removed you from joy.

This energy healing will focus on removing those old energetic beliefs. You will be infused with the golden energy of joy- where joy will flow easily into your life. The essence of joy is delight and bliss. It's time to enjoy your life :)

1st Week Summary:

  1. Any resistance energy was cleared out of the feet & legs. The energy of joy for taking next steps was infused into the feet & legs.

  2. The 1st charka was cleansed & balanced. The energy of feeling joyful security in your body and environment was placed in the 1st chakra.

  3. The 2nd chakra was cleansed & balanced. The energy of enjoying your life was infused into the 2nd chakra.

  4. The 3rd chakra was cleansed & balanced. The energy of feeling joy over what you physically do in life was infused into the 3rd chakra. Also the energy of feeling joyful over your own will power was placed into this chakra like a celebration of self empowerment.

  5. The 4th chakra was cleansed & balanced. This was then infused with feeling joyful self love & joy over what you can created and have in life. The feeling of being joyful for all the wonderful qualities that make up who you are.

  6. The arms & hands were cleansed and infused with the energy to joyfully create with your own unique abilities.

  7. The 5th chakra was cleansed & balanced. This was then infused with the joy to communicate and express your truth. To use words that bring joy into the world.

  8. The 6th chakra was cleansed & balanced. This was then infused with the joy to see the beauty of the world and to joyfully use your intuition to experience the world.

  9. The 7th chakra was cleansed & balanced then infused with the joy to be connected to the universe- to everyone and everything. The joy to be apart of oneness. The feeling of bliss.

  10. Your aura was smoothed out and cleared of any foreign energy keeping you from joy. There was a lot of energy that was cleared here.

  11. You were grounded into the earth to release any other energy you were ready to release.

  12. During the last 10 minutes, the energy of love of life, joy, love for the adventure of life, and complete self love was run through your body.

2nd Week Joy Healing:

A 45 minute energy transfer of high vibrational joy & love of life.

2nd Week Healing Summary:

During the vibrational session, you were filled in with the vibrations of joy, love of life, gratitude, and pure love. Today you might sense your energy is more balanced and grounded. There will be a gentle sense of joy and flow as you go through your week. At the end of the session, your 3rd eye was open & activated and a rainbow luminescent bubble of joy filled and surrounded your body. You may find it easier to sense the joy in the world around you, especially in the little things of day to day life.

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