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Ebenesel Natural Healing 

Get to Know Ebenesel Natural Healing

Treatment at Ebenesel provides many options in treating a variety ailments. The effective combination of ancient Chinese Medicine, traditional Native American Medicine and modern Bio-Energetic medicine has been able to provide many patients results when they complete their complete course of treatment.

Meet Dr. Eurie, Healing Minister

                       Dr.Eurie Kazlaskia native of South Korea, grew up                         as a third generation Korean Herbal Medicine                                 practitioner. Her grandmother, an inspired healer herself, had an influence on young Eurie. She later moved from the Seoul Metro area to Los Angeles California in 2004 to study Art and Design. Still Eurie was seeking a true life passion. After several members battled with cancer, she started looking for answers. She found true meaning in healing, helping people stay healthy and remembered her earliest memory of her life dream of becoming a doctor that was suppressed by conventional way of thinking. One day, was told stories of her medicine woman grandmother from her mother she never heard as a child. She was inspired and got the answers and rerouted study from design art to Traditional Chinese medicine.

She graduated Colorado School of Traditional Chinese medicine and Institute of Bio-energetic Medicine, earned Master’s Degree in traditional Chinese medicine, Doctorates of Bio-energetic medicine, natural medicine and sacred medicine. She built her own full time practice in 2013, and has since helped many difficult cases successfully. Currently her clinic is well-known as the fastest growing Bio-energetic and Traditional Chinese medicine clinic in Denver Metro area.

She humbly believes that all true healing is coming from the divine power (GOD)’s love. As a doctor of God’s medicine, she believe that Doctors are servants of God(healing minister) and therefore the virtue of doctors is faith, humble before God and nature, hold the knowledge of physics of the universe(Macro body) and Human(Micro Universe) and perform the most practical way of helping people’s health in mind and body.

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