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About me

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 Embarking on my journey in the realm of healing, I bring to you over a decade of expertise gained through an impactful 11-year career in Medical Microbiology. However, it was a poignant personal loss that propelled me into the exploration of deeper meanings in life and alternative healing methods.

What truly captivates me is not just the power of thought but how this energy can touch every aspect of our lives. To deepen my understanding of healing methodologies, I've pursued extensive academic and practical studies, immersing myself in a comprehensive exploration of literature related to holistic well-being. This commitment to continuous learning complements my formal education and strengthens my foundation in delivering transformative experiences.

Additionally, my journey includes over six years of hands-on experience in energy healing. I have conducted hundreds of readings and energy healings, witnessing the profound positive impact on those I've been fortunate enough to assist.


Learning Reiki, studying the art of energy healing, and embracing the practice of meditation are integral components of my professional journey. I am also an ordained psychic reverend, with my clairvoyance and clairsentience always evolving.

Beyond these, my commitment to excellence is underscored by my continuous pursuit of advanced qualifications in various healing modalities. My experience reflects not only my dedication but also my proficiency in delivering transformative experiences.

I firmly believe that all ailments and personal issues can benefit from energy healing. This belief is at the core of my practice, and I've witnessed its positive impact in the hundreds of readings and energy healings I've conducted over the years.

The incredible experience of energy is something I can't wait to share with you. Now, my focus is on helping people heal and discover the same joy in life. I'd love nothing more than to share this amazing healing energy with you.



Change the way you see things and the things you see will change.
                                                -Wayne Dyer

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