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About me

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    My passion to help others began in my 9 year career in Medical Microbiology. After the death of a loved one, I searched for answers about the meaning of life and alternative methods of healing. Not only does the power of thought fascinate me, but also how powerfully this energy affects every aspect of our lives. I study as much as I can by reading books, learning reiki, studying the art of energy healing, and practicing meditation.  As a result, my clairvoyance and clairsentience is continually evolving. Moreover, the ability to heal through my hands is an incredible experience that I am excited to share with others. Throughout the past few years, I have given hundreds of readings and energy healings. Through my practice, I continually fall more in love with life and desire to spread this joy to others. My passion now lies in helping others to heal and to find the same joy in life. I hope to share this wonderful healing energy with you!



Change the way you see things and the things you see will change.
                                                -Wayne Dyer

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